Meg Doyle

In early 2019, Meg joined the Crayon and XYZ team as Studio Manager and quickly worked her way up the ranks to Producer. Driven by a desire to see stories come to life, she is dedicated to facilitating the creative process of each project that rolls through the door.


When starting his career at XYZ Studios in 2003, Dan’s passion for images led to him exploring the diverse mediums of photography, design, illustration, compositing and editing. But it was his discovery of colour grading that brought him focus: a discipline with limitless depth and possibilities that complemented his technical abilities and creative instincts perfectly.

As a founding partner of Crayon, Dan has been fundamental to building a business with a reputation for forging supportive relationships with rising creative talents. Dan is trusted by many of Melbourne’s best directors and cinematographers to respectfully bring the best out of their images. Known for his broad knowledge of the worlds of design, film and photography, there is rarely a visual reference that goes unrecognised.


For the past 4 years, Abe has been freelancing as a colourist, developing his skills and facilitating the visual development of work in the worlds of music video, commercial and indie film. In 2019, Abe launched the next chapter of his career joining Crayon with his own dedicated suite.

So far, Abe’s portfolio of work is a testament to how far he has come as a colourist in general, and a promising glimpse at the direction his work will take in the future.


Tim is a hands-on, creative entrepreneur who founded Crayon, XYZ Studios and Wheelbarrow to get the ideas out of his head and into the world. As a painter, designer, animator, film-maker, trouble-maker and thinker, Tim is hard wired to pioneer creative projects that live at the vanguard of invention.